Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Punishment We Deserve

Amboi, amboi, amboi, nampaknya semua orang sanggup buat macam macam demi The It Bag this season ye. Kalau tak percaya, cuba lah you allz baca sendiri. I allz penat type ni.

Cerita 1
One fateful day, a happy couple is marching peacefully, making their way to their respective vehicle. Until suddenly, Zass! her handbag dissapear in a blink of her eye. The not-so-happy couple are left hanging, speechless and their jaws were dropped instantly.

Cerita 2
As usual, the lady in black gracefully walked towards her mansion. As she let her mind slip away for a moment, she was grabbed back to reality when 2 monsters tried to snatch her handbag. The lady refused to let it go and the 5 second wrestling was potrayed a lifetime long in her mind. Thankfully, the snatcher only grabbed it's better half.

Cerita 3
Seems like good things don't always come in three. As a trio were making their way to the car, one of them was aimed by a couple of snatchers. Her nervous system instantly insist on telling her brain to fight for it and so she held onto her latest Gucci wholeheartedly. The snatchers may not get the handbag but they do left her with some souvenirs. Her incisor breaks apart while her face is covered with bruises.

Sabar Dik Nun... Perhaps that is all we can say. But when is there going to be a fullstop to this atrocious crime?

In my opinion, there should be a greater law enforcement against such crime. Or in another way of saying it, I don't think the current law deliver the lesson. Why? here's a newsflash, going behind the bars doesn't really bother them. Once they're out of the FOC hostel they are free to repeat all that they have done again or maybe this time they can come up with a more creative way since they have had a lifetime experience of the hobby.

When you said hukum Hudud is inhuman, how is Guantanamo Bay isn't even an issue. FYI, hukum hudud have been done at Eritrea, a third-world coutry where crimes are just another daily routine like reading The Star or drinking Teh Terik for us Malaysians. It all changes when hukum hudud was enforced, crime rates were dropped drastically.

Analogically, when I was a young girl and I did something terrible, my dad would rotan me. While some modern parents are much against it, to me it was a lifetime expiry reminder to refrain me from repeating such behaviour. And so it was to my siblings, the horrid behaviour were then never heard of again.

Moreover, if you think that the current law is so great, then the person that made up the law must have been great of which how his great brain produce great ideas to make such a great law. Then He who create the great person who made up the great law must have been greater hence is The Greatest so His law must have been much more greater than yours.

As His humble slave, how could we ever dare to argue with His words?

"(From) the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and all between― (Allah) Most Gracious:― none shall have power to argue with Him."

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