Friday, February 13, 2009

Hari Hari Makan

I'd probably need a private chef if I'm deserted at an island.

Let's see what I actually eat today,

Breakfast - Satu Kuih (I don't know what's it call, got kacang in it, sort of green in colour)

Lunch - Half a pack of nasi ayam

Dinner - A bowl of Nestum

Supper - Scrambled egg with bread

I know exactly what pops on your mind and No! I'm NOT on a diet. That is exactly what everyone think when they see me eating.

A few common resposes when people see me consuming;

"Baik tak payah makan, mengotor kan pinggan je"
"Awak makan banyak tu je ke?"
"Kalau makan sebutir-sebutir sampai tahun depan tak habis"

Blah. My dad too keep teasing me of being aneroxic. Heck, I'm not even thin. And apparently someone somewhere said I look like I suffer from malnourishment.

But here I want to say it loud and clear that I really am not obsessing over my weight, I don't even keep regular track of my own weight. Sure, I got worried when I wear a fitting dress and see fat every here and there but my will power isn't that strong that I could ever refrain myself from eating anything I want to.

It's just that I usually have a small appetite. Hence regardless of whatever my mum cook (well, or bought) I won't eat instead I'll just fry a nice crispy telur mata and have it with kicap and nasi. Yummy! I'd never wish for anything else.

Thankfully, my mum could register my whole weird food habit into her diary and so she usually doesn't bother when it comes to food and me. She won't bother calling me downstairs for diner because she knew I would just went down look at all the food (and if I have the mood, I'll eat) otherwise went back upstairs.

Though my nenek never seems to understand me. Evrytime she would cook as if there's a kenduri along with the variance of food. And no one really ended up eating it. Well there's only me and my grandparents, minus me just the two of them are left with mountain of food.

Then there's my atok. Every morning after solat subuh he would have breakfast with his gang (bas sekolah? XD), then he'd bought 3 or 4 more Nasi Lemak although he knew that I never even eat those. Well, you can't blame him for trying. By the end of the day he would end up selongkar tong sampah (yes, he does) and would say;

"Kenapa buang nasi lemak ni? Suka sangat membazir. RM1 ni buang dalam tong sampah macam tu je. Bla bla bla..."

So one day when I woke up early and I told him that I want Kuey Teaw instead of nasi lemak. And guess what, HE BOUGHT KUEY TEAW FOR ME EVERY SINGLE DAY. NOT JUST FOR BREAKFAST, EVEN WHEN HE'S BUYING FOR LUNCH HE'D BOUGHT KUEY TEAW KUEY TEAW KUEY TEAW.

I think now I'm officially sick everytime I see Kuey Teaw Thanks to him. *sigh*
I guess I really shoud've stick to nasi lemak.

Perhaps this is what he's saying inside;

"Nah kau, amik! Nak sangat kuey teaw. Hari hari aku belikan kuey teaw sampai muak muak, hantu kuey teaw datang cari kau malam malam. Muahahaha *he's evil laugh*"
and he's shadow is fading

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