Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aku Skandal

1, 2, 3, GO...

Scandals scandals here there everywhere. Never gets old. Pffft, screw the celebs we're talking politicians. Taking the gossip world by storm. Amusing isn't it? So much for their ambitions and visions to build up a great nation when themselves couldn't even keep their bedtime stories straight.

As great as JFK or as lousy as Najib, great politicians always tend to be balanced with an equally great scandals. Come on, you've been to Harvard and Yale yet couldn't even set your bedtime stories straight. Don't you know that prostitutes aren't as dumb as they look like. They too knew how to trap a shark and not get bitten. Although of course in reality, thats impossible. The shark will bite and kill them eventually.

And so the myth is proven to be true. Don't play with fire, it will burn you. But of course the all time favourite blonde just couldn't handle the rules. To be on fire isn't quite enough. Just ask Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps the scandal cost a shitful punch on a legendary American surname for JFK but it cost so much more than that 1000-year-inherited name for Marilyn.

Funnily, none took any moral from that lesson. Resemble of that historical scandal, another politician decided to be haunted by such case, only this time it wasn't a pin up girl instead a hot Siamese kitten Meow-ing cheekily with our dear vice prime minister. And of course, she got bitten. She did chose to tango with the King of all Cats.

Ok, so what? They're just regular men, right? Getting steamy every now and then. And just when you think nothing is out of the ordinary about politicians scandals, pop out McGreevey. Another regular politician promoting harmonious family life and sticking anti-gay badge on his handbag.

Then suddenly out of nowhere he slipped and shook the world harder than Katrina with his sexual orientation confession. Bearing it all out in the "I'm gay" speech, he could go nowhere but to fall with the ashes.

Again, another local politician decided to follow the footstep of the master. Though this time in a less gentleman-manner way by skipping that "I'm gay" speech. And who knows despite of the liwat rumour he still is standing strong.

Yes, these are the people we're counting on to raise the name of Malaysia to the next level. Oh well, perhaps they already did that. Strangely, we would wish we have never wished our little country to take that leap. Especially not through the back door.

These so called responsible geniuses leaving us scratching our heads. That's what they do anyway. After all, to be ahead in the game you gotta play dirty.

Let's hope not to have anymore of these parasites. We already have enough corruption in this country. In a blink of an eye, these politicians lose it all after a decade of working their ass off to get that little title.

Politicians out there, don't you dare think that those skeletons will sat still inside your two million bucks closet. Or your nude picture wouldn't be posted up on Perez Hilton's. Ok, at least Mama Jue's. Didn't mama told you to keep your clothes on, Wong?

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