Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gol & Glam

Ish meluat aku dengar bile coach mane tu entah cakap Malaysian football team ni tak bagus sebab poor quality facilities. Ye la, sampai nak kena buat stadium kat London untuk train footballers kita so that they will meet 'international standards'.

Walhal hakikatnya the brazilians are practising barefoot on their exhausted stadium, if you would call that a 'stadium' in any way. But of course, what's the point of looking at them. We have to spoil ourselves kan, groom ourselves like the king of football, Mr. Posh who would postpone his game to paint his toenail. Baru la boleh menang.

Nowadays, football is all glam and glitz. All the footballers think about is how to get a cover on Panca Indera about their hot celebrity girlfriends or their rocking fashion sense.

They can put on their Total 90 boot and 100% cotton Adidas socks and it still wouldn't grant them the spell to win the game. Seriously, when I'm watching local game on air nowadays (OK lah, I don't watch it, only on Buletin Utama I saw them for like 2 minutes) but as it is portrayed in the media, it all seems like Gol & Gincu the Male Version.

Well, if you really are idolizing the game of Becks then I'm pretty sure Zakuan have already fit the seat. With his 1 minute fame and the controversy he is all set for the glitz & glam. But if you're talking Gol, until you realise what really does it take to become a Pele or Ronaldo then I'd have to say you won't be grabbing them in the near future.

But then again, why would we wanna be like Ronaldo right? Especially with that weird jambul thingy on his head.

Guys are getting into so much drama these days. Heck, I don't even care about football.

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