Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Miss School. NOT!

Ok, so yesterday I was pretty excited about the whole sports day thing. It was good to see my old friends back. And yes, yesterday was a blast. I really enjoyed it.

And so just when think I missed school. I think twice. Uh, NOT.

Along with the fun, yesterday I went through my worst nightmare, again. I was reminded of the great suffer I have to bear for every 5 days a week so long as my life as a student. I have to wake up really early to make it there before 7. And so no breakfast was served and of course the worst part was the showering. Bad enough that its freezing the water doesn't help either. Ok, so I shower with hot water. Still, on my way from the toilet to my room covered with only a piece of towel I'm freezing to death.

So if you ask me do I miss school, meybe I'd say yes until I remember the whole morning part. Really, no thanks.

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