Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Hour?

Yeah I did it. I wasn't gonna because I was so mad and thought I'll get my revenge by not turning off my lights during earth hour, but I think twice and decided to be the bigger person (irony huh?) So I did turned off my lights, the whole house actually because I'm home alone so no one could get in the way and yeah, I didn't scream out my head or cry.

Fine I'll admit it, I'm not that much of a drama queen. I'm so much like my dad. We only get angry for a short while, we'll shrug it off the next minute.

Back to the hot topic, I hope people will continue to consume less electricity in their daily life. Regardless of the hour. Should it have to be only on the 28th of March we turn off our lights?

Allah have already warned us in the noble Qur'an about the consequences of our own actions to this delicate planet. As it is stated in the holy book,

"Do they not see that We gradually reduce the land from its sides?"
[Al-Quran 21:44]

For further explanation, click here.

Despite the fact that I didn't registered on earth hour website, it doesn't matter really. Whether or not I registered, I still did my part and help saving mother mature. Moreover, I didn't expect I'd be alone at home tonight so I figured if my parents were around they would object the idea of turning off their lights for an hour at night.

Your parents do too right? Why? I'm not sure. But I'm sure they care just as much as we does about the earth.

Maybe they're just showing it in a different way. They don't need a mere hour to save mother nature, they did it everyday (and still are doing it). They're not the ones who studied in a fully air conditioned room and a 100 watt bulb. Their days are over. They have suffered enough. They have successfully preserve the earth for their children. Their responsibilities are done.

Now it's our turn. And please do not do this for the wrong reasons. Please don't do it because Sazzy do too or Fly FM and 8TV said do. Do this because it is our fault the earth is getting hotter and we need to fix it. It is on our era that electricity are being consumed rapidly in a humongous amount. And we still are doing it. Why would you have your TV turned on when the one at the living room is too?

So maybe when I looked out at my balcony, not much of Fawina Court residents actually participate during earth hour. But I'm sure by no means they are ignorant. They did their part just as mush as we do.

They were doing it when they remind you to double check your bedroom light, fans and air conditioner. They did it when they decided not to put on air conditioner in their house. Fine, maybe they're doing it for the wrong reason such as to cut down their TNB love letter cost. Nonetheless, they still are helping to preserve the earth.

Just because we chose to pick this very night to turn off our lights to show our love, doesn't mean those who don't aren't aware of the global warming befalling our fragile earth. Like this guy, he did it every single night. So what's wrong if he don't want to turn off his lights tonight?

As for me, perhaps I could start turning off my laptop charger once they're fully charged. Ok, maybe I wouldn't because I hate my current laptop and that's the least I could do to ruin it (so that I'll get a new one). Ok, fine I'll try. It's all for you mother nature. You're one lucky booch (irony, again).

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