Friday, March 27, 2009

Driving School

Ohh finally. I actually didn't see this one coming. When pakcik said that he's coming today, I didn't expect us to learn it there and then.

Despite the fact that my assumption was turned over 360 degrees, the little miss confident in me somewhat thought that mastering the art driving would be a piece of cake.

Well, it wasn't really a piece of cake perhaps a couple pieces?

Anyway, as I drove my way off the road my thought were slowly drifting into slumber, leaving me sleepy hence distracted all at once.

I couldn't get my head straight hence I was driving all over the road and pakcik kept interfering my driving. I tried to recap all that I have done today to search for the ultimate reason of my extreme exhaustion.

This little puzzle is then unlocked as I recalled my babysitting session with the standard 1 and 2 boys at my mum's school just this morning.

All this while I see only their cute faces, twitchy noses and round sparkly eyes but today it is all revealed I see beyond their innocent smiles, lies the animal in them. As I quote Teacher Jo Anne said,

"That class is B.O.Z. (Born Out of Zoo)"

They literally are driving me crazy. And trust me, this art of driving I wish not to learn. Ever.

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