Saturday, March 28, 2009



My plans are triggered! *sobs*

I don't get to see my girlfriends *sobs* and it's been a couple of centuries since I last shopped. I was supposed to go shopping with them a decade ago, to buy that animal print Topshop bag and that uber gorgy Miss Selfridge bag and that long top form Zara and that black gladiator from Walk In.

*sobs sobs*

And today, I was supposed to go Damansara but my parents said that its canceled so I invited my friend for a sleepover but she was occupied by her work. And just last week Bubu invited me to go out with Tasha today but I WAS supposed to go to Damansara so I'd have to say no. Then by next week I WAS supposed to go back to Klang but I got freaking driving classes and Fifi planned for our shopping day and Ain called and asked me out and Una just texted me and invited me to hang out with them lot next week!


Okay fine I don't hate my life. I'm going to handle this situation like a grown up.

*calming down*

Okay, I know everything happen for a reason. So I'm just going to breathe and forget the fact that I'd miss a gazillion tonnes of fun with my girlfriends next week.


I'm gonna drown my head in a pillow and scream out my lungs and cry till my eyes are swollen.

Oh and yeah thanks to my jinx I am now in no mood to talk about earth hour.

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