Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Curious Case

Heavy eyes. Cold morning. Umi shouting. What a great morning. Could it get any better? Yes it can.

I have to teman my brother Umar went to Signs Lab while he did his crazy cool experiment I'll be watching by the glass window. Just lying my face against the window and staring at them with my shabby sleepy eyes and a straight face. Isn't that just wonderful?

So we walked to Signs Lab and as soon as we arrived, I bumped onto Dr Ariza, the owner of Signs Lab. Luckily the other day I saw her picture so I could tell. She seems a little rushed as she instructed me to do some experiments because apparently it's my first day at work.

I actually already did start yesterday but I did nothing but a 5 minute tiding up SL (signs lab). Today on the other hand, I was instructed to try out 3 experiments though I can't do any of it because of the lack of materials. So instead, I did this...

Sat on a chair by the aircond and place the experiment book gently on my lap and slept.

So when I got back home, I told umi that I feel as if there isn't any work there but she just hired me for the sake of pity, you know because she's my mum's friend. So umi told me that Dr Ariza said that she will pay me by the day that I come. So I replied something like,

"Waah, senang banyak la macam tu. Hari hari aa nak datang la"

Then she laughed and corrected her statement. She said that I will come when Dr Ariza needed an extra hand hence I'll be paid according to the days that I came and actually did something or at least at conscious.

She also told me that Dr Ariza said that I am kecik nya. Remind me of the first time when I went to SL, the receptionist there who is actually the same age as I am assume that I am fourteen while another teacher there asked;

"Adik Imran ke?"

FYI, Imran is my 13-year-old adik and although he is physically big, he has a very childish face.

Strangely, when I was 12, I once went balik kampung and met my Wan. She's my step-grandmother so we're not very close. Then she asked me something like;

"Dah brape umo dah? 18 eh?"

With her slightly funny Raub accent plus her tiny Chinese pelat.

Rising my confusion level, I still don't understand the math of my aging process as how Benjy is still curious about his case.

To top that, once when I was 6 I went to the dentist. Then, the receptionist asked me with a sweet smile on her face;

"Nama kakak siapa?"

Being at the height of her hips, I don't assume that she was referring me as kakak. So with confidence, I answered;

"Siti Norsyamimi."

That's my kakak's name. Then my dad slightly giggled and corrected me by telling her;

"Eh bukanlah. Siti Norsyarah"

You have no idea how irritated I am when I figured she referred me as kakak. Because of her, I now despise the dental clinics. Plus that the dentists always smells weird.

Whenever I saw a dentist's face I could see red horns growing on the top of their head. Once their hands touch your mouth, the evil plan begin. To see the suffer of innocent people just made their little heart hums joyously.

Nonetheless, I still can't escape my dental appointment tomorrow.



  1. ea,
    dentistry tu one of options aku tau.
    kau nampak horns growing out of my head tak?

  2. haha.ea, kalau ko x jd dentist pun ak da nmpak
    haha.jk XD


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