Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Double Dose of Reality

Just when I thought that its bad enough that I missed the last episodes of season 2. The Hills Season 3 premiered right when I'm about to move back to Ampang. Oh and The Hills is getting juicier. Along with the Heidi-Lauren feudal, Audrina and Lo are making scenes too. Though I think the whole Heidi-Lauren is about to end soon. You know, to make way for other dramas. Its getting a little old.

Anyway, things did get worse because at the same time on channel V, its the finale of Stylista. I'm so so annoyed. Bet these channels purposely broadcast it at the same time to compare the rating and all. So I chose to watch The Hills because it finished earlier, I only got to watch an hour end of Stylista. And congrats to Johanna! I'm so glad she won. She so deserve it.

As for DyShaun, he reminds me of Marc of Ugly Betty. Especially with all the "oh, I'm so gonna kick Johanna's ass", although he didn't. And I actually thought he's gonna snap out when he lost but he didn't. Instead, he congrats Johanna, his exact words were;

"Congratulations! You deserve it. Well, I deserve it too".

LOL. I too am insanely jealous of Johanna. That is my dream job, ever. Well, in case the whole doctor thing doesn't work out.

Talking about career, reminds me about this morning. I tried to push pakcik to speed things up with my license thingy but he just wouldn't. Guess this mean that I'm leaving Klang for Ampang for good.

I was actually thrilled that I'm moving back. Because that means I'll have a job plus that I've always wanted to move back anyway. Though the thrill is fading as the clock ticking.

Feels like Deja Vu. Its like when I'm leaving England for Msia I felt... well, everything was mixed up. First, I was all excited but when I told my friends and they were devastated and it made me felt right sad too. Now, it's all happening again.

Its just that its impossible to choose between two things you love so greatly. And all this while, I can't wait to go back to Ampang yet now I'm doubting myself. I feel...

Oh yucks, I hate to talk about feelings. Well, honestly because... hmm haa malu kot. *Cough*. Ok enough said, I'm gonna put an end on this entry. No more emo entries like this shall I post, I malu laa. Ngee. XD

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