Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweety Todd

First of all, put on your earplugs because I'm about to shooooooooooouuuuuut!!!

Oh sorry, I told you so.

Your nearly-deafened ears aren't completely the fault of the Demon Dentist of Ampang Street. In fact they're actually the scream of joy because todayy,


I know it's not like I'm a 100% sure I'll be going there but why would I wanna slow down with the enthusiasm since I am about to enter the world of IPTs. I got so excited, I had even list down my to-buy and to-bring lists. LOL.

I might gonna change the admission date since I think that it's too early.

Anyhow, I was bitten back to reality when a handful of shhh falls right onto my face. I lost my IC!

Then, the heavenly lecture went through all the way to my eardrums a few times, going round and round like a carousel.

To help your imagination,

Says the man on the carousel.

*Roll eyes*

The horse was abused so terribly. It made my situation seems a thousand times better.

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