Saturday, March 14, 2009 is an insurance company originally established at the UK. It is inspired by a confused customer who seems to be drowning in the sea of choices to insure his property. Choices varies from the remarkable transgender in Sheila's Wheel to an extremely hideous talking bulldog by Churchill, too much of a choice could leave anyone on this earth just as confused.

Eh apa aku merepek ni.

It all happens on this very day. I got so very confused on how the KTM system works hence we ended up being lost out of nowhere. Not to mention that we insist on telling this makcik who previously asked us which train leading to Kajang, we told her that she hopped on to the wrong train. She then defended herself and on such case like this there can only be one that is right hence the other must be wrong.

The conference which involve striking emotions such as,
mak aku kata diam lah and shhh malu la and kan betul kita salah train though may not be as extreme as the ones in Dewan Parlimen because no foul language were used and we do not refer each other as lembu or gajah like those who represent us on the Dewan Parlimen, have finally reach an agreement. And it all happen without any "Yang Berhormat Sila Duduk".

So we stopped at this station to switch train.

We then decided to swim through the ocean of people just to be able to swith to the opposite train. Though I still do not understand the math of the KTM system, we stopped at KL sentral. From there on, my dad called me and I told him to pick me up while the rest went back by KTM to Klang.

Nonetheless, all those shhh we went through doesn't break any inch in our brickly strong spirit. We were like Gamma Ray which can penetrate to any shhh.

Plus that we knew that was all the consequences for pranking the Pizza Hut staff. Well, we were really dissatisfied with the service so we pour a gallon of Tabasco sauce and black pepper and cheese on our leftovers. We also purposely stain our unused dishes. LOL. And it felt great! OMG, I'm so mean. Agaga.

In fact, despite all the shhh we dealt with, we still had a blast and laugh off the situation. Well, what else can top Dr SMS who is soo ga ga gooey and Nana. Well maybe the Nana part wasn't that big of a deal. But it still was fun. She wasn't a teeny bit snobby and I'm talking Nana Paling Comel not the trying-too-hard-to-be-gedik no talent Soy Talk Nana.

We also went to give a visit to my auntie's boutique at Parkson The Mall. Its called Moleque and the clothes there are so gorgeous, a bit costly but definitely worth it. Ceh, promote boutique auntie.

I also applied for various colleges, mainly for foundation in science which will lead to pharmacy or medicine. I really hope that I could carry medicine, or else I might likely ended up doing pharmacy. Plus that my ditzy and confused attitude woudn't be much of a help either.

Though on the other hand I'm somewhat convinced that I can carry it. After all, if my dad is able to get his Dr title, why can't I? And trust me he is a lot like me.

i.e. I might be easily confused as how I used to wait on the 29th of December for new year. I waited until 1 am and I was so confused why isn't there any fireworks until I figure out on the next day that yesterday wasn't the last day of 2008.

Then there's my dad who drove me this morning to PWTC. I made a conversation with him by telling him that Celcom users get free calls on Sunday. Here's how it went;

"Ayah, hari Ahad Celcom free calls tau"
"Oh ye ke?"
"Haah. Nanti ayah try lah call"

Then ayah took out his cellphone. I noticed it and quickly told him;

"Ayah, hari ni bukan Ahad"

Suddenly my phone rang. I picked it up. On the screen it stated;


Then I asked ayah again;

"Nape ayah call?"
"Nak cek harga la"
"Ayah, hari ni bukan hari ahad la. Hari ni sabtu"
"Oh. Phsss *he's weird laugh*"

Then he laughed out of embarassment.

"Ayah saje je nak try tengok hari sabtu dapat free call jugak tak"

Yeah sure. Like I'm a two year old and so believe that.

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