Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mak Cikness

It all started when I was woken by my parents in the wee hours. All I heard was that somebody died and if I'm not mistaken he was supposed to be our relative but I wasn't in the right mind at the moment so I ended up picking the main points only.

And somehow I was convinced that it is all I need to heard to join the guy down under (may he rest in peace). I was put in charge to babysit my brothers so long as my parents are off to Johor. It doesn't exactly tingle my bones or in the contrary it shook the hell out of the prickly bones beneath my fat because waking my baby brother is my kind of a resilience obstacle. He's not a big fan of me and he tend to treat those who woke him suicidally.

Well despite all that, I was left in charge so I had to put up a way to deal with them. Here it comes, I shall release the superhero in me! (OMG! I'm so lame).

From that moment on, my makcik-o-meter level have just arouse ridiculously. (Maybe I should get a few tips from Along of the KGG Clan, LOL). How to maintain my coolness level. Blah, Now I sound even more mak cik-like.

I've realised it all along before, when I tried to dig Hakim's cans of worm by reading his texts although obviously it do me no good since I understand not words like; sukew or titew or whatever crapeww his girlfriends type though I have to say the favourite ones are, mumumumumumu.

I am so lame that I thought she's a big MU fan that mumumumumu abbreviate Manchester United 10X. Or another possibility of it is that she's from Terengganu and probably meant youyouyouyouyou . I even tried searching the definition using Urban Dictionary and sadly it isn't defined yet.

Anyhow eventually I figure it out (liar, fifi told me) that mumumumu is actually a kiss. WT? -__-" It make no sense and by saying that I've just become even more mak cik-like.

Again, Hakim have made me sound so un-cool because accordingly when I told him that my "new" song (as in recently downloaded) in my phone is Poker Face by Lady GaGa then he had to go all, itu-lagu-baru? with that face. You know, that face.

I guess its official (and I have use the word official) that I am turning into a makcik when heck, I can't even stand when people call me kakak.

Wait, today has just made it gone worse because this morning I was makcik garang. It's so queer how I'll turn out to be the person I hate (here referring to my driving instructor, mak cik garang).

Wait just yet, I am actually wayy worse I will soon be mak cik-garang-gemuk because you know, the whole doctor phenomenon. You don't know. Here I'll tell you,

Syarah: Ala umi, kalau aa jadi doktor nanti mesti aa gemuk kan
Umi: Kenapa pulak?
Syarah: Ye la, Mak De gemuk, Dr. Ariza gemuk.
Umi: At least awak jadi doktor awak gemuk. Kalau tak jadi doktor, dah lah tak jadi doktor lepas tu gemuk.
Syarah: Oh, haah la.
Ayah: Tu la, ayah ni doktor (PhD) takpe la gemuk. Umi tu, bukan doktor pun gemuk.

In some weird way perhaps that could comfort me, the fact that I will be makcik-gemuk-garang with growing horns?

Wow, I can see lame with a capital L on my forehead.

Maan, I really need a boyfriend. Or a life.


  1. u need a boyfriend???
    yea, its a good idea..
    But, the boyfriend mestila sangat penyabar terhadap semua karenah kamoo..

    'mumumumumu' means kiss??
    apa pelik punya..
    tak pernah dgr pown..
    thanks syarah!
    now i know it..

  2. haha.pandai la nasz eh

    huhu.tu la psl, org tade boyf mmg taktahu.agaga XD

  3. dun worry bbe.
    at msu, kite akn berjuang utk mencari teman hidup bersama.

    i heart shah alam boys.

  4. ouh, btw,
    aku dah lame tak jumpe Along KGG.
    maybe die accident lagi kot.
    kesian abang ipar aku.

  5. haha.byk btul la ko punya abg ipar


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