Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who's The Fool?

I was pranked. But since it's the first of April, instead I have to say that I was April fooled. Twice.

No that's not the worst part. Here it comes, by myself.

It all happened when everyone woke up a little late out of the norm so they put on their grumpy faces and walk round trying to make the lives of others just as miserable.

Perhaps it worked. I joined the club and felt the mighty frustration swept me over by storm. My brain then scream the idea for a nap and my body somewhat is forcing me to do so.

It was half past 8 so the idea to Solat Duha before I napped came crawling in. Somehow, I listened to the red guy and neglect the idea in no more doubt.

After a while, I heard azan. I woke up and supposedly I was believe that the time was aound 5 o'clock. I couldn't be more anxious. Every brittle bones in me were shook vigorously. Besides that I missed my prayers, it also meant that I've missed my driving class which suppose to be held at 3. I then marched my way towards the living room and headed towards the phone. To make things worse, I couldn't find pakcik's number.

My head was bummed. Then I blacked out.

Next, my soul have finally returned back to this body. Or so I think. I lifted up my eyelids and laid my eyes on my watch. Though my vision was blurred and everything was so vague, it appeared to me to be 10 to 2. I breathed slowly but somewhat loudly. I still am scared since not much time is left until my driving class. Moreover, I still have chores to be done and I'm pretty sure a mere hour is not enough. Nonetheless, I then took a shower with every hope to clear up my head.

The shower cast it's spell and it worked. I felt a little better.

Later, as I carried my pajamas to the laundry room I lifted my head approximately 60 degrees north. I saw nothing but the wall clock and it pointed 10 PAST 10.

That very instant I dropped my jaw out of shock. I can't believe I just made the silliest mistake.

Oh you got me, ME!

Anyhow, I sighed out of relief and took my time. Strangely, despite everything was back to normal my head was still spinning.

And no, my head does not spin right round right round because you go down you go down down. Though thanks for the suggestion Flo Rida.

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