Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Courtesy to the unpredictable whether casting its spell, turning an erratically hot day into heavy shower have somewhat irritated me. As a result, people keep getting sick lately and what's worse is that I'm like the only one who haven't been feeling poorly and strangely that annoys me.

Well, when you're always at the hospital to visit someone it does arise a curiosity to be the one who gets all the bed. And seriously, hospitals have been fully packed. For instance, around last week when we went to visit Dr Ariza at Ampang Puteri, she was placed at the pediatric ward because all the other rooms are filled up. We actually thought we got the wrong room. The week before that when my dad and I went to Gleneagles, we've had to park at the rooftop because there wasn't any other spot available except for the somewhat flooded parking lot-its the only one left.

But then again that's a silly thing to complain about. Nonetheless, I still am so depress because I haven't been shopping for ages and even though I went back to Klang every single weekend, I still don't get to hang out with my BFFs. Then when I get back to Ampang, Bubu is off to Scotland and Sakinah went to Syria for her uni trip thingy. I'm bored to death without them around.

Though we still catch up by calling each other almost every day, it wasn't like old times because we only get to talk for a short while since Fifi have been working night shift and when she called me in the evening I'm always occupied with something else and then our conversation got distracted.

Then I've had some arguments with my parents. Its just a petty little argument but in this rough times, it have finally brought me to my breaking point. I cried till my eyes are swollen and then I ran amok. Look what I did,

Ok so I didn't do that. I mean who am I kidding. Like I will ever snap out because of some silly little problems bottling up. I'm like little Miss Sunshine, I can't stand being moody for a long time.

Even if I was mad I don't think that I'm capable to break a slightly-bigger-than-the-ordinary-nail clipper. Or even if I'm not mad and is equipped with all the appropriate tools, I still don't think I'd be able to break it up like that.

Still can't figure who did it? What a retarded question. Who else could it be but ayah kan. And he wasn't even mad when he did it, in fact he was laughing. It was an accident. When he clipped his toenail , the nail clipper flew off to the air and as you can see it did not landed in a safe manner.

Gosh, I wonder what he's been eating.


  1. HAHA..
    Kno what,
    pndg skali taktau pun tu apa..
    pndg byk kali pown tak dpt cam apa bnda tuh sbnrnya..
    Then baca sampai hbs baru tau tu pengetip kuku..

    Susah n mcm² rasa bila apa kita nk tak dpt..
    Erggh geram kan??

  2. the nailclipper flew away?
    Dr.S sorg je capable buat mcmtu.
    btw, bil telefon aku dah sampai.

  3. oh ye tahu takpe.ngee
    huhu,brape juta kah?


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