Sunday, January 25, 2009

Si Gemuk dan Janggut

Oh last friday kan I was supposed to amik exam undang-undang and honestly I was scared because I tak baca buku sgt. Then I put on my gladiator waktu pergi test tuh and dekat depan tuh ada sign 'no selipar' lebih kurang mcm tu la. Then I was like cuak gile but thankfully JPJ offline.

So pakcik told us to just wait mana lah tahu nnt JPJ on blk ke. So we waited until like ade instctor lain masuk and then borakborak with the ladies yg kerja dekat situ. We overheard (obv) yg she said tht potentially JPJ akan off sampai ptg. She said boleh tunggu but its been a week like tht, org tunggu sampai pukul 5 for nothing.

So we just sit there do nothing la. There was me, a girl and these 2 guys from my insturctor lahh. And pakcik called us 'tudung hitam, tudung pink, gemuk, janggut'. So I dont know their names. Haha. Yang tudung pink tuh dint get the yellow book so dia baru je nak baca buku.

As for me, I baca jugak tapi sebab mlm tu dah baca, I baca sikit je then I borakborak with gemuk. Hes taller than me yet younger. He even have the guts call me kakak. Talking to him was soo good though. He's so funny and just the 2 of us yg borak byk byk.hehe

Strangely, mula mula when I first saw them I was soo attracted to janggut because he is soo cute but finally I rasa gemuk lagi best.haha. But still when I talked to gemuk I kind of look at janggut because gemuk sat behind me and takkan nak pusing 360 degrees pulak kan.

And then waktu balik they asked for my number but then I bg pakcik punya number. Then we gelak gila gila kat belakang. Then, pakcik turned and was like "Korang mainkan aku ye?".

Haha. Then sampai my hse so I turun and they dont get my number, haha padan muka.

Tht night I called my bestie and told her abt it she was like, "I know, I once attracted to someone unattractive too, tapi mcm malu nak admit". Haha.

Who knows I am more than skin deep. LOL. Well, now I know.

Anyways, I learnt my lesson so for exam undang2 nanti I will put on shoes. Hee.

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