Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chillin Out at KLCC

Literally. LOL.


Today I went back to Ampang and then I was supposed to meet Bubu at KLCC but on my way to KLCC Bu texted me and say that she couldn't make it. So I just went with Hakim.

First we makan at foodcourt because we were soo starving b/c umi ate at sch and the rest of the family went to kenduri. Later I ajak Hakim pegi Topshop then he was like "buat ape nak pergi Topshop? Baju dia mahal". Apparently he was right but he made me belanje him a baju anyway. Then after keluar dari Topshop he ajak me to go to BB Plaza. I was like okay but nak pegi MNG dulu.

Then we went thre and nothing catches my eyes so we just walked to BB. We went to BB at around 5 and as always the street is filled with kutu-kutu, penyangak-penyangak, badut-badut who called themselves 'shufflers and rockers'. Whatever. Anyway by the time we nak balik the sky already gone grey and its only 6 o clock. And as you guess by the time we reach KLCC again it was raining.

Thats not the best part yet. Freaking bus going to Ampang is the one opposite the jalan so we have to redah the freaking hujan lebat to take the bus. Of course we were thinking of taking the cab but the cab there is f reaking mahal because they're expecting tourists (duh!). When we ran Hakim was like "LICIN GILA BADUT" and so I know it's gonna be licin I pegang his back and so he supported me so I don't really feel licin. LOL. Then dekat atas jalan pulak ada gila banyak puddle and b/c it rains heavily banjir sikit mcm sampai atas buku lali.

Huh! When we got on the bus we were just laughing and look out at the mirror to see if theres anyone else mendapat nasib yang sama. Hehe. Well, ada but he was alone and he ran so quickly and so he wasn't as wet as we were. Then Hakim goes like "macam mana lah budak2 kat BB tuh?". Haha. Ye lah, padan muka anyways. LMAO.

I was soo wet and obviously the bus ada aircond and it was blowing right towards me, I was soo freezing. Since I was chilly, I just hugged my body and looked out the window, thinking about what a day it have been.


Now I dah catch a cold I keep sneezing and what worse is my runny nose. Then I ran out of clarinase so I terpakse eat a dented one. Lepas makan baru I tebace 'Do not use if blister or foil is broken'. Tapi dah makan, nak buat mcm mana kann? hee.

Oh BTW, this morning on the train a girl muntah and thanks to my oversized bag which I also called 'poket Doraemon', I saved the day by giving her a plastic. Hooray to me! LOL. (Yes, it was gross but I was soo sorry for her. Bad enough that she threw up she must have felt awfully embarassed too.) So that was my day.

Well, actually a lot more happen but I'm so pening (thanks to the hujan) and I think I'm gonna sleep. "Taa Darling" (a white couple said that to me when they left the LRT). Dah I malas nak cerita pasal tu pulak. Hehe.


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