Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President yang lebih kurang biasa jugak ke?

As we all know, yesterday, January 20th of 2009 the US have elected a black president, Barack Hussein Obama. It was a historical day. Dengan election ni, it shows that Blacks are no longer considered inferior.

Barack Obama memberi secebis harapan to the Muslim world. We hope that the war at Muslim countries will end and perhaps that is why he won the election against McCain.

He too promised to solve the war at Afghanistan and Iraq, as I shall quote

"We will begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people, and forge a hard-earned peace in Afghanistan"-Barack Obama. For full text click here.

Tapi, betul ke semua ini or is he just a puppet of the Jews itu?
Why are we questioning this? Because he refused to speak up about the issue in Gaza. Dengan alasan he wasn't the president yet and do not want to confuse the world dengan who is speaking on behalf of America. But then boleh pulak comment tentang the US economy crisis.

But still, I don't know the truth. Maybe he have a strategy on how to solve the war at Gaza.

Let us all pray that with His willing, Obama will change the fate of billions of Muslim around the globe. Amin.

Anyway, as for us, we MUST continue boycotting US products. This includes their entertainment, products, etc. That is the least we can do to help our brothers and sisters at Gaza.

And so adakah Obama seorang president yang lebih kurang biasa macam president-president US yang lain? Wallahuaalam

Oh BTW, theres this little quiz I did;
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