Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Since today suppose to be my last day at school working, I've vowed not to use the internet but instead spending some quality time with my work place, the school or specifically the library and the book shop.

I have to say, despite the countless number of jobs I've done, working at school with the kids is probably the best job I've done yet. Tops from penganggur to bibik mak to tukang-jaga-library to Auntie Ina's assistant to tukang-jaga-kedai-buku (or as Fifi call it, shop assistant or better yet, stalker), eventhough all these jobs offer minimal hours and effort with a reasonable wage. On the other hand, me being a substitute teacher was more like a dirty work I have to do on behalf of the sleazy teachers.

I wasn't a big fan of kids, I used to think that they're all annoying (with an exception to my brother). Teaching was a field I've never intended to explore and did my best to stay away from it. In fact, I despise the idea so much, everyday my mum practically have to drag my ass to school and usually gave me the ultimatum of either the food-supplied-school or the food-less home with a list of chores.

But then even when I do pick the second option, she's giving me the face and continue persuading until I changed my mind. Although I actually find school a pretty good deal, it's the waking up early part that's really turning me off.

Besides the cute-but-annoying kids I have to deal with daily, it also burn my ears to hear them calling me 'Kakak'. As I always said, even my baby brother don't call me kakak, why in any world do you deserve to call me that? I know this sound petty and ultra snobbish but perhaps the fact that I'm so used to not call anyone kakak and vice-versa at the UK, it carries on until I went back here. Plus that my family never really emphasise on the use of the word 'kakak'. I can't see how calling anyone kakak shows respect, far as I concern we respect people by the way we are treating them not just by calling them kakak but still don't treat them like one.

Anyhow, I got over that matter and I get myself used to it. As for the kids, despite the fact that they are the most annoyingly annoying (wtf?) creature on earth, I'm starting to get addicted to them. They did the most spontaneous thing, although that alone is even more annoying it usually stream towards a cute-like annoying. Sooner than I know, I'm starting to adore them, I even feel like making a high-pitched-irritating-excited scream everytime I see them. To mingle with the cute kids and tease the cheeky ones and asking silly questions to the smarter ones would just flip my gloomy-oh-so-boring-and-sleepy day 360 degrees around.

Better yet, they appreciate me (and show it) in the smallest way. They make me in touch with my emotional side. The roses, the candies and the drawing really does touched my heart. It even turn out to be cute when they constantly correct the teachers when they refer me as 'Kakak Sara' rather than 'Kakak Syarah' by saying,

"Bukan Kakak Sara, Kakak Syarah laah."
Damn, that statement is so mahal you know. Haha. Even I tried not to bother correcting people who got my name wrongly although I am irritated by it.

I'll miss this one day. Until then, I'll be occupied with uni and studies (hopefully) and live a long way since my working days though I'm not sure if any of my productive jobs could actually be list down on my six-years-soon-to-come-resume. Hee.

And oh, this drawing is no Picasso but it literally made me smile after the 40-minute session in hell teaching catering the kids.

What is this but the cutest thing?
Oh wow I look so cute, its either that I'm drawing-genic or he seriously need a glasses.


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