Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hari Umi

Yang sebenarnya aku tak pernah pun sambut hari ibu, sebab ibu ialah panggilan aku kepada mak cik aku. Aku panggil mak aku umi dan aku rasa sangat silly untuk mengkhususkan hanya satu hari setiap tahun untuk meraikannya. Bukah satu hari dalam setahun sahaja dia buat kerja rumah atau tolong kita. Hari hari dia perlu dihargai bukan 10hb Mei sahaja.

Namun begitu, memandangkan semua orang nak gebang pasal ibu diaorang hari ini, aku terpaksa lah join the club. Walaupun aku selalu lah juga post entri mengenai umi aku, hari ini aku nak post lagi. Hari ini hanyalah seperti hari-hari lain yang mana aku akan menghargai umi aku.

My mum is one of a kind. She's rare, in the sense that she would torture us intentinonally 24/7. To see us in leisure is just killing her. She would stay up all night just to invent lists of new chores that she could force us to do, just because. Her role at the house is unquestionable. Everytime we would question about justice and rights, she would use her veto power to shut off the subject.

She's hardly home yet she manage to keep the house spotless. She would mop the floor twice eventhough I have just mopped it just to make me feel bad. She snapped out really easily and blame it on her PMS. She too constantly make up negative assumption to her children whatsoever.

Unlike most other children, when I wrote my biodata I can't filled the favourite food section with masakan mak or whatever because she's a bad cook. Though I can't tell her that because she would then be pissed and all.

Don't even make me start with dressing. She keep forcing me to wear really hideous clothes. Its even weirder when she asked me to wear modest clothes which I don't own and yet she wouldn't buy them for me because she said that "she don't want to buy clothes that I wouldn't wear" and obviously I wouldn't buy them myself so its like she's asking me to wear clothes I don't have. Its like she's forcing me but she try not to force me.

She is also self-concious, she kept asking questions regarding herself. Her favourite one is, "am I fat?" and everytime I would have to invent new words to tell her the truth but to also not hurt her feelings.

She's like a chubbier version of Cleopatra, she would make us massage her feet everyday without exception. Still, her PMS is terribly worsening. At some time of the month, she would look for me and hug me and said really corny stuff.

I wonder how she did all this. I bet she's using some kind of voodoo spell to make us obey her every command. I may not call her Umi The Great but I might call her Norashikin The Great. She's not a great mother, she's a great person. She work restlessly with very little wage. I can see her as a great teacher, a great friend, a great wife and the fact that she is a mean mom just made her the perfect mother.

Despite all the terrible things she did as a mom, you have got to give her credit for all these 22 years of coping with an extremely blur child and a husband who is also clingy and text really cheesy mushy stuff while she was busy. Moreover, the fact that she is fawlessly gorgeous has made me inherit her gene which inturn make me bautiful :P.

For whatever reason, even if she is the worst mom in the world I would still love her very much. She don't need to pamper me or even cook and I would still regard her as the best person I've ever live with. She's the only person who could make me mad and forget about it the next minute. I could spill (almost) everything to her or even make fun of her and we would still love each other so deeply.

One day, I want to be just like her. To marry a man who would listen to my every demands and have children that inherit that particular gene of his. Hee.

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