Thursday, May 14, 2009


When the word drama comes up, it usually is associated with girls. How girls are bitchy, slutty, shady or whatever else that guys and girls could make up a word to portray the evilness of girls.

Virginity issue especially have been amongst the all time favourite for people to judge it only by gender biased. I can't be asked elaborating about this issue, it'll take forever. Plus that its a widely common issue and pretty much everyone is having this gender bias ideology when it comes to virginity and so on.

Perhaps the virginity issue is excusable since it has been going around for years and decades and so it is understandable how our mind is deeply rooted into this ideology. Similarly, in most other cases, the easiest solution would be to point the fingers at the ladies. The word backstab and betray would sound better as a girl's second name than the guys such as the synonymity of girls with drama.

However, these modern days where the living rates are shooting off the roof and the machines are serving us day and night, there sure isn't much reproductive things left to do. Being a 20th century guy sure is a hell of a bore and so using their sharp brain they have been observing the nature of girls and have finally decided to immitate our way of life.

Nowadays, the guys are eagerly waiting to knock you off for the title drama queen king. Finally, us girls are off the hook of getting blamed for making a petty thing a big deal. At least we could blame it on our PMS, science is giving us written permission to be bitchy at times. You guys on the other hand have no reasonable excuse to be bitchy at any time.

Maybe they'll try proving that they have PMS too. Well yeah, Psychotic Male Syndrom that is. It was more fun when guys are being stupid and irresponsible rather than bitching about their 'homie' and checking up on their mascara every 5 minutes.

You know, when they just stay with their nature and not try to change for anyone's amusement. Like just now when my mum told my brother about "Negeri Sembilan", he was like,

"Betul betul la, apa nama negeri tu?"

He wouldn't believe there's a state called Negeri Sembilan as how he thought "Namun" as in "However" is some person's name. LOL.

That's what guys should do, crack a joke and make the girls laugh to heal the hell of the emotional baggage us girls have.

Oh yeah, BTW to the cutest creature on earth, Umar al-Faruq,


He seriously need to stop acting like a spoiled manja baby. He's growing older, it'll get annoying. Heh.

Anyway I told him that we'll have a jamuan in the most ecstatic manner and then he goes, "Jamuan tu apa?". Blergh -__-'


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